December 9, 2021


Using the internet anonymously is very important in today’s world. If you do not do so, your lives can be ruined because of this the  pressure on online privacy is increasing day by day. It is a real world societal issue. 

If you are not sharing your private information on the internet, your browsing history is still linked up to your IP address. 

IP address is a unique number which is linked with your internet connection  and all your internet usage comes to you through this particular address. 

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If you are unable to secure your identity while using the internet  it can cause serious problems. 

How to use the internet anonymously? 

If you are Tensed or worried about your Anonymity  while using the internet here we have listed some practical and trusted steps to protect it. 

Use private browser window 

If you are using a public computer and don’t want  ads to pop up related to your searched history , turning on private mode is a good option to prevent your browsing history being stored on your device. 

For doing this you have to go to the head of your browser and select incognito mode from the toolbar. 

Kill all cookies

If you are deleting the cookie you will only be able to stop some kind of tracking but not be able to stop tracking completely but it will help you to prevent a little bit from tracking so you just have to download a free application which can clear flash and regular cookies. 

Stop sharing your location data with your browser 

When it is not vital ,deny the  location request if a  particular website asks to locate you .Every site you visit your browser automatically sends your location to it to stop this you just have to do some simple setting in your browser. 

Chrome: If you are using Chrome browser you can go to settings and then select content setting and choose to disallow any website to track your location or if a site requires it will ask you first before sharing it.

Same you have to do with the other browser settings whether it is a safari ,Firefox ,Microsoft edge or any other. 

Use social media sites wisely 

It  is not a hidden secret that social networking sites collects an immense amount of your private information that track users even if they are logged  out of their social media account whether it is  Facebook ,Twitter on LinkedIn .Facebook uses conversion pixel to track you alternatively which advertiser’s use to track that how many clicks or sales they have reached. 

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Use anti tracker browser plugins

Every site tracks your activities in the one or the other way to stop this to some extent you can also use anti track browser plugins that will help you to prevent cookies which are following you around the internet. 


Online anonymity is very important for all of us because it leads to many Cyber crimes so it’s better to use the internet anonymously to prevent yourself from  various annoying things.

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