October 19, 2021
Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable With Cloudflare

Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable With Cloudflare

Ever wondered to Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable. You can do it a better way and it takes just 5 minutes. At the first of starting your blog, you need to have some platform that can be reliable. Your users should never feel that they are being ignored. If you are using free hosting then you are surely facing or will face these problems shortly when your site will start to get some traffic. These problems grow as your traffic grows because free hosting sites impose certain limits with them which makes it difficult for an ordinary user to use these hosing to build a blog which is for the long run.

Need To Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable

  1. The server is Down: Almost all the servers close the traffic of free sites as they want the free users to migrate to paid hosting.
  1. Maintenance Close: All the free hosting providers close some hours of your hosting. They say it as Maintenance Close. The bitter truth is its nothing like Maintenance they legitimately close it so that the free users should not get benefits of 99.99% uptime which they are providing to paid customers. Imagine if they give the same service of Paid Hosting with Free then all the Paid Customers will move to Free ones. So they need to make it fair.
  1. Free is Free: You will always get some catch in Free Hosting. Some times its uptime is not good, Some times user Daily Hit limit, Some times CPU usage. After all its a Free Hosting and you need to accept it. It some times can be as good as Paid Hosting But not all the time.

How to Make Your Free Hosting Better and Reliable?

You will need Cloudflare for this. Cloudflare says that it can boost your website in many ways by optimizing the DNS of the website in the Network Domain.

What Cloudflare can do for your Website?

1.DNS: Cloudflare Changes the DNS of Free Hosting to Cloudflare DNS, As Some big sites also use Cloudflare DNS so it looks like you are also using a Premium Hosting, Although you are using Free Hosting with Cloudflare.

2. Make Site Faster: Cloudflare makes your website twice(x2) times faster that is it loads twice as faster giving you a Premium Experience that some big internet Giant Enjoy like Facebook and Google.

3.Security: Cloudflare increases the security levels of your website. So if you are worried about DDOS or DNS attacks than leave your worry aside and take a nice sleep.

Why Cloudflare Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable?

Cloudflare stores multiple copies of your content over all their data centers around the world making it easier for the website users to get the content.

As the Domain Registrar and Hosting Goes through Cloudflare so it gets the content from the copy that Cloudflare makes.In this way Cloudflare Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable.

Do you Need Cloudflare for Premium Hosting?

1.Although all the Premium Hosting uses good equipment and has better up times. But it will be even better to use Cloudflare with paid hosting too. Almost all good hosting gives Cloudflare in Cpanels.

2. Premium Hosting is also of many types and some people can afford cheap plans so it can boost their hosting plans and can use the Bandwidth and CPU of Hosting Providers better way.

You can get the Cloudflare Service for this link (Cloudflare Website) to make the Make Free Hosting Better and Reliable.

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