October 19, 2021
Simple Tweak For Fast DNS Propagation

Simple Tweak For Fast DNS Propagation

Fast DNS Propagation is a way that is needed to get your website Live faster when you are changing hosts. We are providing some of the tips you can use to make Domain Name System Propagation very fast by using a free service known as Cloudflare. This Domain Name System Propagation will take the same time but people will be able to get your website in just minutes. You will be back in the game up and running as usual. Planning to move your whole website to other host and want that your visitors don’t see site under maintenance or server not found than this Simple Tweak will help you in Fast Domain Name System Propagation.

What is Fast DNS Propagation?

DNS Propagation is the process where the DNS of the hosts is changing and circulated the world to telecom companies which provide the facility of Data and Internet access to customers.DNS Propagation takes usually 24 hours but in some cases, it can become annoying and could take up to 48-72 hours. Why DNS Propagation Takes Time? This DNS Propagation also depends on the Country you are living in, your ISP(Internet Service Provider), Time Zone, and many other factors. As this DNS Propagation is permanent so you will get redirected all your content to this host and it would be permanent so it usually so it takes time.

What is Fast DNS Propagation?

The need for Fast DNS Propagation

1. If we move our website it becomes down for 24-48 hours and this will decrease the popularity of our website.
2. Our website would be ignored by Search Engines and you will see a gradual decrease in Google, Alexa, Yahoo Rankings.
3. You don’t need to lose any Traffic is the main reason Why you need Way For Domain Name System Propagation Speed Up.

Why Cloudflare Provide a Way For Fast DNS Propagation?

1. Cloudflare stores data at different data centers and if any data center downloads the site any time then it sends it to all the data centers. Everyone around the World can access your content even if the main hosting has not yet got the Domain Name System Propagation from old servers.
2. Cloudflare is so fast that it can do DNS Propagation for your across all its data centers within a blink of an eye.

Steps to Put your Site on New Server

If you have not set Cloudflare previously than you can set it. You can see this post for this I am assuming that you are already running the Cloudflare and want to change the DNS to the new server.

1.Login to your Cloudflare account.

2.Navigate to your website and Click on DNS Setting

3. Change the New Server IP Address and Save and Click on I have done all the changes.

How to get the Server IP Address for DNS Propagation

1. Go to Your Host and find the Server IP Address or else you can follow these below steps.
2.If you don’t find the Server IP Address from Host than follow this link http://www.geektools.com/digtool.php
3. Put the Domain, Type ‘A’ Record and Put your New Server Name.

These are some of the tips that will be helpful to you when you are moving the website from one host to another host, without wasting the time on Propagation. This is the way that dramatically helps in Fast Propagation.

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